We look forward to helping you prepare for CMTC and representing you at the event!

It's CMTC's 30th anniversary! What a special year to attend and meet top agents, managers, and casting directors. The time to start preparing is now!

CMTC Prep workshop for Young Talent, ages 4-12:

1 day workshop on Sunday, February 5th

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Registration due: December 15th

CMTC Prep workshop for adults ages 12+: 

2 day workshop on Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th

Time: 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Registration due: December 15th

Everyone who is going to CMTC with Mode Elle must register for the CMTC prep workshop by December 15th. We have the registration date on December 15th so that we have time to prepare and tailor the workshop according to each registrants competitions.

What will the workshop cover?

CMTC is an investment in your career and a big opportunity to showcase your skills, talent, and network with agents, casting directors, and renowned professionals in the industry. Preparation and practice is essential to optimize your experience and make a strong impression!

  • Rules and regulations for each competition.

  • Runway competition rules and technique practice.

  • Script selection for acting competitions and video playback of your competitions.

  • Improv practice and mock competition.

  • Singing and dance competition rules and regulations will be reviewed. The Mode Elle team will work with anyone doing the dance or singing competition on a separate date.

  • Insight into the CMTC schedule and information on what to expect.

  • Cover, commercial print, and photography go-see image selections.

  • Drop off your portfolio to have the Mode Elle team reorganize the layout for your market!

  • Get all your questions answered!

  • Much, much, more!

Pricing options (HST included)

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

The training goes beyond the first workshop!

The prep workshop is a starting point to get an overview of all the most important deadlines, competition guidelines, and practice your skills.

Dates for additional runway practice at Mode Elle, acting competition review, and wardrobe workshops will be released in the New Year with a CMTC prep checklist for everyone attending CMTC with Mode Elle. These additional practice evenings are included in your workshop registration fee at no additional cost.

Optimize your CMTC experience. Preparation starts here!