Mode Elle welcomes back Photographer David Hou

We look forward to welcoming back David (photographer), Boriana (hair & make-up), and a new stylist (Instagram: @bulia_fashionator) on November 11th, 12th, and 13th.

We are teaming up with photographer David Hou for a very special media update opportunity to kick off the promo term! A 'media update' means you have the opportunity to shoot a variety of material for your portfolio. Depending on how you are being promoting, your photoshoot package could include photos, a personality or movement video, a slate shot, digitals, and /or headshot. This is an investment in your profile as the industry gets busier and more competitive. 

CHOOSE YOUR DATE:  Time slots are available on Friday, November 11th, Saturday, November 12th, and Sunday, November 13th. Upon registering, we will get an email confirming you have signed up online, and then we will reach out from [email protected] to confirm a date and time on that weekend that works for you! The time slot will be approximately 3-4 hours.
  Mode Elle, Belleville ON.


1. Editorial Package: $780 (this is inclusive of tax) 

This package includes the following:

  • This package is targeted towards models who are pursing guest agency contracts, fashion and beauty clients, or are passionate about photo movement. This is a deluxe update for people who are updating their portfolios with a quality over quantity mindset. You will work with Mode Elle to establish a plan for your editorial, video, and any extra things you may need, such as a slate shot or digitals.
  • For Fashion Editorials - there should only be 1 main make up and hair look with slight changes from one outfit to another. There will be 3-5 fashion looks with a coherent storyline.
  • For Beauty Editorials - there may be up to 2 fashion looks, but 3-5 make up looks with a common theme. Leah will help you determine whether you are shooting a beauty or fashion editorial.
  • Video of runway and movement and a few lines to introduce yourself. If you are shooting video in the Editorial package, it will be more of an introduction based on the "tell me about yourself" question, and a movement video to show clients and creatives you are comfortable moving in front of the camera.
  • IMPORTANT: We will need to have digitals and measurements from the model asap as the editorial shoots will require very detailed pre production planning. 

2. Regular Test Photoshoot Package: $650 (this is inclusive of tax)

This package includes the following:

  • This package is targeted towards models and actors, who need a portfolio update for fashion and/or commercial clients. We will establish a direction for your styling based on clients we promote you to.  
  • 3 fashion looks (1 of the looks will be natural, minimal make up, minimal wardrobe, just showcasing the models.).
  • 1 talent headshot (update for Breakdown Express and Casting Platforms/online submissions).
  • Slate shot + introduction video. Smaller scale than the video in the editorial package, but this video will still be used to introduce you to clients and creatives.

3. Talent Headshot only: $350 (this is inclusive of tax) 

This package includes the following:

  • This package is targeted towards our models and talent who have up-to-date portfolios, but are in need of a classic strong talent headshot only.
  • This will be one look and two digital images used for Breakdown Express, the Mode Elle website, Casting workbook, and any talent submissions. 
  • This option is also great if you have an updated haircut, braces off, or any subtle change in your natural look that would merit a new headshot.
  • If you are just getting started with Mode Elle, a strong headshot is also a great option for Kids who are growing fast (your look is changing often) and who are interested in acting specifically.

4. Children's Package (Under age of 12) : $400 (this is inclusive of tax)

This package includes the following:

  • This package is for our young talent aged 12 years and under! If you are 12, then check with us to ensure this package still makes sense for you. and how you are being promoted this year.
  • An Editorial themed shoot with 2-3 fashion looks that tell a story. Make-up & hair styling provided.
  • Kids bring their own wardrobe, but a wardrobe stylist will help put together your final looks.
  • Video with agency prepared script to showcase personality. 

Pricing options


  • Can I pay online or only in person?

    This new academy allows you to sign-up and pay for this photoshoot online. This saves a trip to Mode Elle to make a payment before the shoot. Select what package you would like at checkout and then a Mode Elle representative will be in touch regarding your date and time slot. A reminder these prices are inclusive of tax.

  • What do I need to bring to the photoshoot?

    You will receive an email with a packing list a day or two before the shoot. However, some of the basics to bring to any shoot include arriving hair and make-up free, headscarf, water, and bring a couple pairs of your own shoes for walking around set or shooting outside.

  • What is the cost of prints? When you do I pay for those?

    Your photoshoot time and payment needs to be completed prior to the shoot. For this photoshoot, the deadline for payment is November 4th. The prints are purchased the day of your photoshoot when you arrive at Mode Elle. By default, for this shoot every model/talent gets 6 images, 2 images of each look. The print payment is $180 + HST at the time of the shoot. This covers the digital editing of each image the photographer does and the printing of each image. If you want to purchase additional images, you can do so at the shoot or once Mode Elle receives the galleries to review. Additional prints are $35 each + HST.

  • How do I know which photoshoot package to choose?

    Good question! Review the descriptions on this page and think about the current state of your portfolio and what your goals are this year. Models working towards guest agency contracts and the fashion market would be best suited for the editorial package or regular test shoots, for example. However, we have used the editorial package to also shoot commercial videos and beauty editorials. Most of you would be most familiar with the regular test package, which in this case included three looks instead of two and a slate shot/video. Talent headshot updates are quick updates who need an Actors Access update or need a new strong talent headshot. The children's package is for all young talent aged 12 years and under! Mode Elle can help you select the best package based on your current promotion strategy and portfolio needs too! Give us a call or email [email protected].

  • How long will the photoshoot take?

    For the editorial package, prepare to be at Mode Elle for 3-5 hours. Regular test packages take between 3-4 hours. Talent Headshot updates and Children's packages take 2-3 hours. Call Mode Elle 1 hour before your shoot time, or before you start driving to Mode Elle, to make sure the schedule is running on time!

Update your media, portfolio, and online presence.

We do these larger media updates only 1-2 times a year. Next photoshoot will be in 2023!