Mode Elle Model Bootcamps 2022- 2023 + Fall Registration Now On!

Reserve your spot for the first bootcamp of the 2022-2023 promotion term. The upcoming bootcamp will be held on Sunday, February 26th, from 11:00am - 5:00pm. You can register for a single bootcamp, or if you are motivated to grow your skills on a seasonal basis throughout the year, you can register for all four bootcamps of the year now and get one free! If you are registering after the first fall bootcamp has taken place, savings are still available for the remaining 3 bootcamps! Register for all 3 and save $100. Each bootcamp and photoshoot experience (photoshoot included) will be complementary and the exercises will build on one another to ensure you are always growing and learning something new on set. 

Model bootcamps are targeted towards both new models wanting to learn more about the industry, and working models looking to build and maintain their model skillset on a regular basis.

Our seasonal masterclasses focus on runway, pose, on-set model movement, business seminars, developing a healthy model mindset, and more! This year, every bootcamp experience incudes an on-set photoshoot experience with a commercial director and photographer. Learn and master your model movement in practice on-set! 

Photoshoot themes vary throughout the year so that every time you attend a bootcamp you are exercising different skills for various markets in the modelling industry. Photoshoot themes could include editorial, beauty, e-commerce, product, commercial, or could include a fun challenge like modelling on location or featuring products.

Themes for the February bootcamp: 

New models: Editorial theme to be determined + digitals

Mode Elle models / working models: 

Theatrical Editorial (think Alexander McQueen) on set in the studio. Reach out to see the inspiration!

What are the main activities included in the bootcamp?

More questions about what the day will look like? Reach out to [email protected].

  • Industry business class for both new and working models about industry trends and remaining competitive in the industry.

  • Time on the runway and in front of the camera (photoshoots and self-tape auditions) to practice and elevate skills.

  • Time with a Mode Elle agent to review social profiles, portfolio, and promotion tools.

  • Working with a photographer and the Mode Elle team to either shoot a talent headshot or execute a creative concept. Creative concepts rotate and could include practicing modelling for markets like e-commerce, editorial, product, or beauty campaigns, just to name a few! Photoshoot themes and mood boards released before the bootcamp.

  • Depending on the bootcamp, special guests may be a part of the day. Guests could include yoga instructors, make-up artists, stylists, or other professionals in the industry.

Pricing options

A reminder that prices are listed inclusive of tax. If you have an active Rep & Promo membership, remember to apply your discount code for 15% off!


  • In short, what does the day look like?

    We always start the day with an industry business class. If you are new model, this will be an orientation business class. If you are a current Mode Elle model, this will be an updated business class full of industry reminders and information. Following the business class, we complete exercises on the runway, film personality videos, and do a variety of model movement exercises. Depending on the camp, there may be a guest teacher that specializes in a topic like make-up, skin care, or fitness. After lunch, we break off into photography groups and head to the studio to complete a shoot and exercises to build your confidence on set. You will receive a full itinerary prior to the bootcamp.

  • Is the photographer experience included?

    Yes! We visit a studio that neighbours Mode Elle and you will complete a shoot with styling and posing assistance. This is a great way to apply some of the model movement concepts we would have learned throughout the day.

  • What are the dates for the seasonal package?

    The dates for all the bootcamps this year are: December 11th (Fall), February 26th (Winter), May 20th (Spring), August 12th (Summer). If you choose the seasonal package, you get one camp for free.

Save the date!

As bootcamps include creative photoshoot sessions, spots are limited! We welcome all models interested in the upcoming bootcamp to reach out to reserve their spot asap.

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