Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Mode Elle Academy

    2. Orientation & Business

    3. Industry Business 101

    1. Section 2: Makeup, Skincare & Self-Imaging

    2. Why skincare is important

    3. Why skincare is important

    4. Skincare 101

    5. What is makeup & why do we use it?

    6. What is Makeup & Why Do We Use It

    1. Taking care of your mind

    2. Let's Write!

    1. Intro to Runway

    2. Intro to Runway

    3. Poses, Turns & Techniques

    4. Different Walks & Paces

    5. Runway Castings & Other Last Tips

    6. Show Us Your Walk!

    1. Intro to Posing & Photography

    2. Photography Markets

    3. Posing Tips & Techniques

    4. Important Tips & Techniques

    1. Intro to Acting

    2. Acting Terms & Definitions

    3. The Casting & Audition Process

    4. Self-Taping 101

    5. Do your own self-tape audition

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  • 30 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

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More About the Curriculum

Learn at your own pace, in your preferred language.

  • The business of modelling and acting. Insight into how promotion and bookings work.

  • Runway Training: Including posing, runway techniques, and personal style.

  • Posing 101: Learn how to pose in front of the camera for different markets.

  • Intro to acting for TV & Film.

  • Scene study and self-tapes.

  • Audition and Improv skills.

  • Self-care, personal grooming, health & fitness.

  • Confidence, self-esteem, and developing a positive model/talent mindset.

What you will learn

  • Industry Basics 101

    Learn all the industry basics to know how to start your model and/or acting career. Learn about industry insights, the tools of the trade, agency relations, casting platforms, and much more.

  • Modelling & Fashion

    Have you always dreamed of walking in a fashion show, or posting in front of the camera for a campaign? In this section we will be learning runway etiquette, posing, movement, photography markets, fashion industry insights, and what it means to be a model.

  • Acting 101

    Have you always dreamed of playing a role in a tv series, film, commercial, or music video? In this section, you will learn all the key strategies and tools you need to strive towards those passions and make them come to life. Elevate your self-taping skills, improv, script study, and more.

  • Selfcare & Wellness

    Taking care of your mind and body is a huge part of the industry. That is why we have dedicated a lesson in our course to ensure you make your health a priority. You will learn journalling techniques, skincare routines, physical fitness and time management to decrease your chances of burnout during busy seasons.

  • Makeup & Beauty

    When opportunities arise you may have to know how to apply, touch up, or cover up with makeup. During these lessons, we will go over a natural makeup application process, how to take care of your products, and the do's & don'ts of makeup.

  • Social Media Crash Course

    In this section, we will go over the importance of social media and your digital footprint. Learn how to optimize your social media presence and gather inspiration on how you can use social media to your advantage in the modelling and/or acting industry.

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